James W. Oxford
National Commander
North Carolina

Daniel S. Wheeler

National Adjutant




This committee consists of such members as the national commander shall appoint, a majority of whom shall be members of the NEC and at least one member from the Finance Commission. The national commander nominates the committee subject to NEC approval. The term of each member shall be co-extensive with that of the national commander who nominated him or until his successor is appointed. The chairman shall be selected by the national commander from among the members of the committee, and the immediate past national commander shall serve as vice chairman.


  • To act as advisor and counselor to the national commander and all other national officers on matters of policy and activities;
  • To study and report on matters referred to it by the national commander, the National Executive Committee, the national adjutant or members of the committee;
  • Such other purposes as may be assigned to it by the National Executive Committee.



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