Turn saving into fun

When my duties as part of USAA’s Military Advocacy team have me on the road extolling the virtues of saving and investing, there are times when I feel like the no-fun guy.

The three A’s of debt elimination

For a lot of folks, January brings a new commitment to eliminating debt. And if the numbers are any indicator, it’s warranted.

Could a VA/Medicare Advantage combo work for you?

The number of people receiving Medicare benefits through a private health plan has skyrocketed from more than 5 million to nearly 18 million – an increase of roughly 260 percent – since 2004, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Why?

How your car purchase can lead to financial freedom

Cars are part of the fabric of American life. The satisfaction they provide and the messages they broadcast are undeniable. However, they can also be a roadblock to financial security.