The mission of the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) is to be the chief advocate for the nearly half-million veterans of the Commonwealth and their families. DVS establishes policy, proposes legislation, ensures that adequate funding for veterans’ programs is included in the Governor’s budget, and represents the interests of veterans in matters coming before the General Court. In addition, DVS represents all state agencies and individual veterans before the federal Department of Veterans Affairs in securing federal compensation and other benefits that might be available.

24 Hour Veterans Crisis Line 800-273-8255


Veterans Employment & Training Services (VETS)

CORI Assistance

One-Stop Career Centers

Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces

Troops to Teachers

Online Employment Resources

Aviation Science at Bridgewater State University

Business Owners

Civil Service

Homeless Veteran Training and Jobs

Tax Credit for Hiring a Veteran

Vocational Rehabilitation

Special Hiring Authorities for Military Spouses and Family Members


Troops to Teachers

Financial Assistance

For Family

State Universities and Colleges

Veterans Upward Bound

Operation Recognition

Financial Education Resources


The Women Veterans' Network of the Department of Veterans' Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, was established in 1997 with the vision of being the central resource for women veterans in Massachusetts. It has a database of 15,000 women veterans who receive a biannual newsletter with information on benefits, programs, and events for women veterans. To receive the newsletter, please use the contact below.

Mission Statement

Provide women veterans with information on federal, state and local benefits.

Expand awareness of the needs of women veterans and identify available health and human resources to meet those needs.

The Women Veterans' Network primarily serves women living in Massachusetts, but welcomes questions and feedback from women everywhere. The Network's coordinator is a member of the National Association of State Women Veterans' Coordinators (NASWVC). The NASWVC compiles a listing of state women veterans' coordinators across the country. If you are from another state, you can contact your state's coordinator to learn about veterans' programs and benefits in your state.

Women's Network

Honoring Women Veterans

Get Involved

Conference for Women Veterans

Transportation to the VA and Medical Appointments

Resources for Women Veterans

Women Veterans' Network Newsletter


Healthcare for Veterans

Outreach Centers

Traumatic Brain Injury

Support Groups and Research Studies


Domestic Violence Resources

Gambling Resources for Veterans

Legal Assistance

There and Back Again

Counseling and Suicide Prevention

PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma

Project New Hope


Community Rowing for Veterans

Canines for Combat Veterans


Home Loans

Permanent Housing

Help with Rent and Finding a Place to Live

State-Aided Public Housing

Subsidies and Tax Exemptions

Transitional Housing

What Tenants in Foreclosed Buildings Should Know

VA Supportive Housing

Bonuses and Annuities

Family Benefits

Federal Benefits and Services

Mission Direct Vet

Guard and Reserve

Tax and Motor Vehicles

Veterans' Bill of Rights

Transportation Resources for Veterans

Transportation to Destinations

Help Arranging Transportation

Other Resources

Your local transit authority

Justice for Vets

Stateside Legal Help

Veterans Justice Outreach


Chelsea Soldiers' Home

Holyoke Soldiers' Home


Agawam Veterans Cemetery

Winchendon Veterans Cemetery

Bourne National Veterans' Cemetery

Military Funeral Honors

Eligibility and Contact Information

Services, Burial Types, and Fees

Ordering a Headstone or Marker by Fax for Placement in a Private Cemetery


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Women Veterans' Network
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American Legion Department of Massachusetts

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American Legion Department of Massachusetts  Service Officer

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