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Each year, The American Legion recognizes a VA Health Care Provider as the VA Health Care Provider of the Year.  This award honors a VA health care provider who has provided extraordinary service to our Nation’s Veterans

Nominees will be accepted by any member of The American Legion in good standing filed with the Internal Affairs Commission under such procedures established by the commission as are necessary and consistent with the effective administration of such an award.

Those eligible for the award are: Any health-care provider excluding physicians. Nominees must be a direct patient care provider.

Nominations must be submitted in narrative format with name of the post and Department in the upper left hand corner.

Letters of recommendation must be submitted in narrative format not to exceed 500 words.  Legion members making recommendations for this award must send the nomination through their Post Adjutant who will submit the nominations to their Department Adjutant.  If a Department receives more than one nomination, the Department must screen each nomination and select one nominee for submission to the National office. 

Departments must submit their recommendation for the award to the Director, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division by September 7th of each year.  Failure to submit in the proper format and/or by the cut-off date will invalidate the nomination.

Nominations will be submitted to the VA&R Commission for consideration during the National Convention Sunday Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Convention Committee Joint Meeting at which time the Commission will select one nominee for presentation.  The nominee’s name will be submitted to the National Adjutant for consideration and final approval at the Fall National Executive Committee meeting.

The award shall be awarded by the National Commander annually at the Commander’s Call during the Washington Conference.

The award shall be in the form of an 11” X 14” walnut shadow box plaque with metal etched inscribed plate not exceeding the cost of $300, adjusted as needed for inflation.

The American Legion will pay for the awardee’s roundtrip coach airfare or vehicle mileage in accordance with the employee mileage reimbursement rates and will cover per diem for up to three days, and two nights lodging in accordance with travel and housing policies of The American Legion.