Who knew we had so many veterans in our neighborhood?

My Military Reunion

After 40 years we were able to meet again.

Off to sunny Parris Island

What was I thinking of?

Why Stand?

"Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech." - First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Veterans Appreciation Day 2019

American Legion Post 240-Daleville, Va hold Veterans' Appreciation Day

Child Safety Awareness Day

Child Safety Awareness Day

Finding Gilbert, a Promise Fulfilled

Could I find my father's French orphan, Gilbert, from WWII in France and tell him that Dad never forgot him?

Veteran Owned Business Project launches member verification program

New program transitions 1,000s of validated members who joined over the past 11 years to new “Verified Member” classification

Grandpa's Medals

Have you heard stories of a grandparent, uncle or other relative that served during World War II and wondered if they were awarded medals? Perhaps you’d like to display those medals to honor them? If you’re like I was, you’re not sure where to begin. Here are a few tips on we to start.

The Heart of a Soldier

A young officer goes off to war and mails three letters to beloved friends.